Want to Work in Animal Conservation in Africa?

Wildlife_Conservati231771CHave an interest in wildlife conservation? Want to get some real life experience before going to university and studying for your dream job? There are many opportunities for the enterprising volunteer to work with animals in their gap year, and what better place than Africa to gain experience?

Africa has many beautiful animals, many of them in danger of extinction due to human interference and through environmental changes. Gain experience and expertise in your gap year and really make a difference in the field. You can also choose which field holds the most interest for you. Whether you want to work with endangered animals, on a game reserve or get veterinary training, it is all waiting for you in Africa.

Endangered Animals and Wildlife Conservation

Centres throughout Africa work on providing the best possible care for animals that are close to extinction. They take into their care animals that would have no chance in the wild on their own and care for them until they are ready to be released. These include the sick or injured and orphaned animal babies. This is extremely rewarding work for those who love animals and provides a deeper understanding of conservation and its place in Africa. Volunteers will be able to work closely with the animals, the like of which they are not likely to have been able to have contact with at home. They will get to feed them and take care of their day-to-day needs, and also watch and participate in their medical care. Nothing captures the wonders of Africa more than its beautiful animals, and preserving them for future generations is one of the more rewarding things to do with your life.

Working on a Game Reserve

Working on a Game Reserve in wildlife conservation will provide you with the edge needed to make it in this competitive career. As a volunteer you will get to participate in the day-to-day running of the projects, by collecting the scientific data which keeps the reserve running efficiently. You will learn to successfully manage an entire ecosystem, both the vegetation and the animals. Research of animals helps conservationists understand better how to help them. By participating in research on the game reserves, you are directly impacting the field and helping species that are in danger of dying out.

Veterinary training

Working as a volunteer vet in Africa is a unique experience in wildlife conservation, and one not to be missed. Your documented work experience can actually be put towards your degree and, at the same time, you get to help the exotic animals of Africa. As a veterinary assistant you will learn everything needed about the craft of being a vet; this veterinary training emphasises hands on experience, including experience in wildlife drugs and how and when to use them and how to work with large, potentially dangerous animals.

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